Can I add additional members for my company?

Not at this time, this feature will be added in the future.


Can I login to the App if I’m already logged on from my computer?

A member can login to the Rock & Trade app via mobile and web platform simultaneously .


Can I use Rock & Trade on my mobile?

Rock & Trade members can use the Rock & Trade app on both Android and iOS.


I am not a Rock & Trade member, can I download the Rock & Trade App?

Anyone can download the app but in order to login and start searching for diamonds you are required to register.

Registration is available on the Rock & Trade website or directly in the app.


How do I upload my stock?

Rock & Trade members can upload their stock using our easy-to-use diamond management system, simply choose an Excel/csv file with a list of your diamonds, select the their corresponding images/certificates and press upload.

For more info please visit:



Can several users use the same account?

No, only one user can access the account either on the web platform or on the mobile app.


What documents are required for registration?

In order to register for a Rock & Trade account you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Business License or Certificate of Incorporation proving that you are a jeweler / supplier.
  2. Photo ID (Identification Card / Passport / Driver’s License).
  3. A copy of two invoices from diamond or jewelry business transactions / Two references from other diamond / jewelry companies.
  4. Business card.




Can anyone sign up for a Rock & Trade membership?

Rock & Trade is a B2B diamond platform for suppliers and jewelers in the diamond trade only. Anyone not dealing with diamonds is not authorized to use the platform.