About Us

The Rock & Trade team provides first class, authoritative services that support the development of transparent, fair, efficient, competitive, and profitable diamond and jewelry markets. A primary and unifying focus of the Rock & Trade team is knowledge-based information services that create transparent and efficient markets.

Rock & Trade is the go-to destination for anyone who’s serious about their diamond business. We provide a B2B diamond platform for jewelers and suppliers alike.

Our platform showcases suppliers from various countries, mainly from India, Israel, Belgium, Hong Kong and USA, while serving jewelers from China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, and more. Every member is able to connect directly with reputable customers and suppliers around the world in a safe and transparent environment.

The transparency and vibrancy of our marketplace allows us to implement competitive prices, making us the number one platform for loose diamonds. By becoming a member, we guarantee to provide you with the best prices in the diamond market (no middle man) together with suppliers’ and jewelers’ contact information.

Rock & Trade is your gateway to the east, breaking the communication barriers between Chinese speaking jewelers and English speaking suppliers from different countries.

When needed, our support team will help you close deals as smoothly as possible. Please feel free to contact us for any question you may have.