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Your Gateway to the East

Rock & Trade is a B2B diamond platform for jewelers and suppliers from all around the world.
Our platform showcases suppliers primarily from India, Israel, Belgium, HK and USA, while serving jewelers from China, HK, Japan and more.


Each Rock & Trade member goes through a thorough verification and vetting process to ensure they meet the diamond trading industry standards.

Competitive Prices

The transparency and vibrancy of our marketplace allows us to implement competitive prices, making us the number one platform for loose diamonds. We guarantee the best prices in the diamond market.

Revolutionizing Dashboard

The Rock & Trade platform provides jewelers and suppliers with an innovative and intuitive dashboard, making diamond searching and stock managing easy, quick and efficient.

Mobile Compatible

Rock & Trade provides state of the art diamond search tools for both mobile and web platforms, so you can trade and explore no matter where you are or what device you use.


The Rock & Trade platform offers various loose diamonds consisting of the latest trends in rounds, fancy shapes, large, small, white, fancy colors and more.



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